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 * Distance Charges Applied Except St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan City Limit

Edmonton Pest Control Experts

Pestica Green Pest Control Edmonton provides Edmonton Pest Control Services in Edmonton and surounding area. Our team of experienced and trained technicians have been solving all your pest problems very fast and effective manner. ​We can solve your all structural pest control problems as a Certified Edmonton Pest Control Experts in the Edmonton metropolitan areas and counties around. Whether you have  Mice Cockroach Bed Bug Ant Wasp,  Spider Beetles, Pocket Gopher or any thing in between we can take care of your pest problem using eco-friendly and safest methods available. 

For home owner searching a professional, trusted and affordable  pest exterminator can be difficult, especially when you don’t know where to look. Don’t stresses over pest, Pestica Green Pest Control protect your home and family with best  prices and high degree of professionalism. Every pest situation is unique, for a clear picture and right prices take advantage of our Free Inspection; 

Family, Pet & Environment Friendly Pest Control Edmonton

Pestica Green Pest Control serving home and business owners in Edmonton and region. A unique team of experienced pest control specialists that have a complete understanding of the pest, because we can read pest thinking. We cover all structural pest control and every situation is unique, we love to listen your feedback, strive to learn new approach and techniques. This is why we deliver superior services that will not only protect your home, but also you, your family, and your pets.

Our technicians are well trained, licensed, certified, and insured. In addition to this, most of our techs have years of experience in the pest control field and are able to put that experience to work in order to expertly handle your pest problems. Our standards never drop and our techs will work tirelessly to effectively end your pest concerns and give you peace of mind.


Why We Are The Best Pest Control Experts In Edmonton

PESTICA is proud of having efficient technicians who are the height of true professionalism

  • A Team Of Pest Control Professionals, Graduates In Pest Management
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Specialist, 15 Years In Field Experience
  • Customers Satisfaction Guarantee, Believe “Honesty Is The Best Policy”
  • Fully Certified, Govt. Licensed & Fully Insured
  • Credential In Alberta Environmental Protection
  • Project Management Institute Inc., Pennsylvania, USA
  • Member Alberta Institute Of Agrologist

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed By Experienced & Quali​fied Technicians
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Customers satisfaction is our main goal. 

At Pestica we are dedicated to our relationships and customer experiecne.


Edmonton Affordable Pest Control prices

Our Pest Exterminators Cost is very affordable. If you need any pest control company in Edmonton who offers reseanable pest control charges for Commercial and Resedential Pest Control Services then Pestica Pest Control Edmonton is the # 1 choice.


Edmonton Pest Control & Exterminator Services

Our Pest Control & Exterminating Services for Cockroach, Mouse, Bed Bug, Wasp Nest Removal, Fly, Beetle, Spider, Ant, Vole, and Gopher are very affordable and professional in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We are here to help you, contact with us for free consultation and right advice for any Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services in Edmonton and areas.


Edmonton Residential Pest Control

Pestica Pest Control Edmonton Zone provides full services in protecting your family’s health and home. Pests, do not belong in your home–they pose serious health risks to your family members, including your pets, and they can cause serious and costly damage to your home. Our technicians are highly qualified and are eager and waiting to assist you with your pest control and removal process. 


Edmonton Commercial Pest Control

Pestica Pest Control Edmonton Zone offers very competitive and affordable commercial property pest control options. Our technicians are fully trained, licenced and comply with all safe pest control procedures. From hotels and motels to restaurants and apartments, businesses are at risk for pest invasions. We will help you get rid of them using eco-friendly products. 


Pest We Control In Edmonton

Pestica Green Pest Control is trusted Edmonton pest control services by team of experienced and trained technicians. ​We can solve your all structural pest control problems in the Edmonton metropolitan areas and counties around. Whether you have Mice, Cockroach, Bed Bug, Ant, Wasp, Spider, Beetles, Pocket Gopher or any thing in between we can take care of your pest problem using eco-friendly and safest methods available. For Cockroach, Mice and Bed Bug control in Edmonton, contact with us.


Cockroach Control Edmonton

Cockroaches Control Edmonton is at your door step, the best Cockroaches elimination at an affordable price.​Cockroaches are human companion, a unique pest with fast reproductive cycle that bring numerous health hazards into the spaces they infest. Find Info on Cockroaches control.  


Mice Control Edmonton

Mice Control Edmonton is very affordable, fast and effective with guarantee because we think like Mice. Your best Mouse control solution near you.  Mice is prolific breeder, if you see a mouse inside structure once a month, means structure has been already nested by Mice. For mice control, just contact with us. 


Bed Bug Control Edmonton

Get rid of Bedbugs with help from Pestica Green Pest Control. These tiny pests never let you know when where it comes as they are blood hunter. Once they begin to reproduce and make themselves a tough pest to control.


Frequent Asked Questions About Pest Control In Edmonton

Is Pestica competent to the other Pest Control Industry players?
Pestica Green is fully licensed, obliged with all Pest Control Industry regulations and authorized to certified Pest Free structure CERTIFICATION. All of Our technicians after graduation have years of Pest Management experience. We equipped with all necessary equipment, control methodology, and protective gear against variety of pests and animals.

What kind of Pests and Animals you control, are you specialized in a particular Pest or Animal?
We are specialization in all structural pest control strategy with professional approach to control three main categories of Pest:

Rodents; Norway Rats, Black Rat, House Mice, Valves
Insects Pests: We are specialized in year around active Insect pest; Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Fleas and stored food products and house hold items insects. We are expert in seasonal or occasional invaders insects; Ants, Wasp, Flies, centipedes, Millipedes, Sow/Pill Bugs, Silverfish & Firebrats, Field Cricket
Wild Animals and Birds; within structure Squirrel, Gophers, Skunk & Porcupine removal, Birds & Birds nest removal 

Your Pest control methods are safe for Children and pets, does a household need to vacate the house prior to treatment?
All Pest control procedures, and used chemicals are fully safe for all ages of family members and pets. Pest treatment preparation required in certain pest situation may or may not associate with temporarily vacate of dwelling. Please get all Treatment Instruction in PDF format at following link:

What Guarantee you have, and assurance for complete removal of Pest, especially Mice, Cockroaches, and Bed Bugs?
We fully guaranteed at the services we provided. A technician is bound to provide all information regarding treatment and time of its effectiveness. If second treatment/treatments necessary within a specified time of effectiveness, all free with no cost. After treatment we scheduled a revisit within or after a specify period of treatment to observed treatment effectiveness or clients can call us for a free revisit, no charges for loyal clients. In certain situation there is no guarantee for a SINGLE or ONE TIME treatment e.g. Bedbugs or Cockroaches in multi residential dwellings. A guarantee may void if customer not comply our recommendation in pest control program.

How much do you charge for pest control services?
In Pest control Industry charges varies greatly, mainly due to specific pest problem, level of infestation and area of the structure to be treated as well as cooperation from customers. Pestica Green Pest Control Edmonton do offer free inspection prior to hiring our services, either you need our services or not. This option facilitates you to decides which control option is suitable for you and understanding with pest control methods, effectiveness along prices and their range.
Please visit our or call today for free Inspection/quote or book an appointment; 780-707-6119


Area we Cover For Pest Control Services

We provide Edmonton Pest Control Services in Edmonton and surrounding area. Our service areas are (Wetaskiwin, Camorse, Beaver, Lamont, Minburn, Westlock, Thorhild, Barrhead, Lac Ste. Anne, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan). In addition, the following communities in Edmonton we also provide Pest Control Services at an affordable price.