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Raccoon Control in Calgary by Pestica Green Pest Management Inc.


The raccoon (Procyon lotoris a valuable furbearing animal which helps to control rodent populations. lt also consumes large numbers of insects. However, sometimes it can be a pest and must be controlled. Raccoons are stocky animals which weigh 4.5 -22 kg. They have distinctive black masks over their eyes and thick, furry, ringed tails. Their fur is a mixture of grey and black and some individuals have a yellowish tinge. Raccoons have distinctive “hand-like” front prints. Both rear and front feet have five toes. The heels of the hind feet show in soft ground. They do not hibernate, although they tend to become inactive during the coldest part of winter.

Each adult male has its own territory in which there may be several females. The young stay with their mother for the first year. Raccoons breed mainly in March and April and the young are born in May and June. One litter of 3 to 5 young is raised each year. At birth the young are blind. They are weaned between 2 and 4 months of age. They den with their mother for their first winter. Raccoons have been known to live up to 12 years in the wild.


Raccoons can cause considerable damage to sweet corn. This damage consists of many partially eaten ears with the husks pulled back. Corn stalks can be broken when the raccoons climb to get at the high ears. Raccoons occasionally kill or injure poultry. They also steal eggs and often eat them on the spot, leaving the cracked shells as evidence. Raccoons may damage buildings when they try to gain entrance or are searching for grubs. They pull shingles off a roof or tear boards off the side of a building. Raccoons often raid  and tipping over garbage cans.

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Where do mostly Raccoons live?
Raccoons can be found in the middle and southern half of Alberta, most often in forested areas near water. They may also be found in farming areas where there are poplar bluffs or treeless marshes. These animals make their dens in hollow trees, ground burrows, wood piles, muskrat houses, rock crevices, haystacks, barns and abandoned buildings. Raccoons are nocturnal (active at night). They do not hibernate, although they tend to become inactive during the coldest part of winter.

What do Raccoons eat?
Raccoons are omnivorous. They eat both plant and animal matter: fruit, berries, nuts, acorns, corn and other grains, frogs, snails, insects, mice, rabbits, muskrats, eggs and poultry. During their inactive winter period they live on stored body fat.

How do Raccoons get enter the building or structure?
These animals are very good climbers and are capable of gaining entrance to a poultry house or garden area by climbing over fences or using overhanging tree limbs to bypass a fence. lf they can get a toe-hold, they can climb the side of a building and enter the building through the chimney or a hole in the roof. Raccoons are very inquisitive animals. Their front paws can be used to undo latches and to pry lids off garbage containers. 

When are raccoons active?
They are nocturnal and most active in the summer.


  • Technician will start by checking the exterior of your home to find entry hole, likely somewhere on the roof
  • Technician may set up or place a trap with preferred bait in the areas of high raccoon activity 
  • Extreme caution and safety is exercised when implementing control measures including strategically placing  trap in areas that are as inaccessible (to people & pets) as possible
  • Within 7 days, when raccoon is trapped, technician will relocate it 20 km  from your home, and uncover the door end of the trap, open the door, and back quickly away until the raccoon leaves the trap
  • Trapping will be done after ensuring that there is no baby raccoon inside 

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