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Birds' Nests Removal in Calgary by Pestica Green Pest Management Inc.


Actually, nests are the homes of birds. They build these nests in safe and secure places to breed. They lay their eggs inside the nest and raise their chicks inside. Spring is nesting season for most North American birds, which means they’ll be chirping, making nests, and laying eggs. They start building their nests early in spring. By nature, birds want to nest near homes, associating it as a protected location away from predators and extreme temperatures. Most of the times, you see birds nests near a point of entry such as windows, dryer vents, kitchen vent at your home. Birds are the carrier of some parasites and their nests are full of ticks, chiggers, scabies, mites, and fleas. The best way to prevent birds from nesting is to implement effective and humane bird control measures before their arrival.


Nesting birds can actually physically damage a property, particularly a roof or homes exterior. Bird droppings can corrode metal and concrete, while debris and feathers from nests can clog drains and gutters. That can also lead to problems with a roof, basement, and even foundation. Birds that enter an attic can also damage the insulation. Birds can also clog dryer vents and kitchen vent. If they nest in a dryer vent, they can restrict the airflow and that can lead to lint buildup and increase the risk of a fire. Birds’ nests are source of parasites and many diseases may be transmitted to human beings such as Histoplasmosis. It is an incurable disease that can result from inhaling spores released by fungus growing on bird feces. Hhistoplasmosis attacks the lungs primarily, but may also affect other organs. If left untreated, it may prove fatal.

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Which types of birds do make nests in the neighbourhoods of City of Calgary and area?
Mostly pigeons, sparrows and starling make their nests in the neighbourhoods of City of Calgary and area.

What is the most effective method to get rid of birds?
The most effective method to get rid of birds is to remove all the birds and nesting material and completely seal all potential entry points.

What is the potential threat of having bird’s nest at home?
The bacteria and parasites in the nest as well as baby bird carcasses can cause severe odour and potential health problems.


  • Technician will start by checking the exterior  and also garage area of your home to locate their nests and also entry points  
  • After locating the nests, technician will also determine the phase of their breeding cycle and our technicians must remove all birds and nesting material, taking extra care not to disrupt any babies. For younger babies, a protective container is placed near the previous nest so that adults can continue to feed them until they begin to fly.
  • Technician will clear and clean cleaning any contaminated material, like odourous droppings or carcasses that can pose serious health risks Disinfectant may be used to clean and clear the infested area 
  • To prevent future bird infestations, your technicians will screen and seal the entry point
  • All treatments will be made with your safety in mind to ensure your health

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