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Control of Cockroach by Pestica in Calgary

Cockroaches are carriers of salmonella bacteria that cause food poisoning and carriers of other disease organisms also leave an undesirable odour on materials they contact and may cause allergic reactions for some people. Our Effective Cockroach Control Calgary Services are the best and at very reseonable price. As you know, cockroaches feed on all types of organic materials including foodstuffs, paper, wood, soap, and glue in book bindings, cloth, plants, hair, garbage, sewage and even insulation on electrical wiring. There are three types of cockroaches that are main pests in the structural industry, the German, Brown banded and American cockroaches. In Calgary, German cockroach is most prevalent. Our team at Pestica Pest Control is highly educated and fully trained to control all pests in structure especially cockroaches by using environmentally friendly tools and techniques. We provide Effective Cockroach Control Calgary Services fast and in timely manner in Calgary and area. Pestica Pest Control is the best, trusted and top rated Pest Control Company in Calgary near you and it offers the Calgary Cockroach Pest Control Services for complete and ever lasting solutions as a Calgary Cockroach Exterminator with guarantee. 

For long lasting effective cockroaches removal, contact your pest control service technician at Pestica Green Pest Management Inc., for free consultation and right advice.

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Can a cockroach survive without food?
A cockroach can live without food for approximately 30 days. Their survival rate depends mostly on the availabilty of water. That means that if it is getting water at reasonable intervals, and its warm and comfortable, then the cockroach can survive easily until a food source can be found.

When they are most active?
Their active period is from January to December or throughout the year. Since most cockroaches are active at night, many people may be completely unaware of their presence in their property.

Where do Cockroaches live?
They live and hide behind appliances, underneath sinks, under floor drains and inside of cabinets. Normally, they nest in tight cracks in bathrooms, kitchens and basements.

Do cockroaches spread diseases?
Yes, they are capable of transmitting diseases such as salmonella bacteria which is the main cause of food poisoning. 


  • Technician will start by checking the appliances in kitchen and also closet shelving units around kitchen to find any signs of infestation.
  • Your technician at Pestica Green Pest Management Inc., will also inspect the washrooms to find any infestation. 
  • After careful inspection, technician may set up and implement a program using a bait formulation or liquid spray treatment and also using commercial vacuum.
  • Bait formulation is strategically placed at sites of cockroach activity.
  • Extreme caution and safety is exercised when implementing control measures including strategically placing bait or spraying a chemical. 
  • A single control measure may not be effective against more severe infestations so each case is entirely unique.

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