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Earwigs can be found in almost any growing zone, although they are more likely to inhabit warm, humid climates.  Adult earwigs are about 1.5 to 2.0 cm long and have antennae about half as long. The male has a large, curved pair of antennae, while the female has smaller, nearly straight ones. The earwig uses these during courtship and as a defence against attackers. Earwigs have a long, flat body with a tough, shiny, reddish-brown hard outer shell and prominent pincers (or forceps) at the end of their bodies.


This insect is not harmful, does not cause damage and is mainly a nuisance in homes. Although they are accidental invaders, it is annoying to find these insects among food and clothes and occasionally between bed covers.

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What do earwigs eat?
Earwigs  are omnivores, meaning they eat pretty much anything that is made available to them. Earwigs begin searching for food at dusk. In the garden, they tend to feed on dead or decaying plant and animal matter. They prey on aphids, insect eggs, maggots, grubs, and army worms. 

What is the other name of this bug? 
The other name of this bug is pincher bug.

Where do they live? 
Earwigs like to live and hide in cool, dark, moist places: under stones, in garden rubbish, tubular legs of garden furniture, wooden fences, hollow aluminium doors, and other cracks and crevices.

How can we control Earwigs?
The best time to begin control measures is early spring, during dry, warm weather, when the earwigs are young. In populated areas, control works best when carried out on a neighbourhood or community basis. In homes when there population is high, we can use insecticide around building foundations and sidewalks along fences, hedges, and woodpiles under shrubs and other ground covers.


  • Technician will start by checking the exterior  and also interior of your home to estimate the infestation level  
  • Technician may use insecticidal spray treatment as a spot or perimeter spray in accordance with approved instructions on the product label. Areas the technician will focus on include basement, ground cover vegetation, areas where the lawn meets the woods, ornamental plantings, etc
  • All treatments will be made with your safety in mind to ensure your health
  • A single control measure may not be effective against more severe infestations so each case is entirely unique.

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