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Northern Flicker Control in Calgary by Pestica Green Pest Management Inc.


The Northern Flicker is the most common woodpecker species in Calgary, Alberta. Flicker is approximately 13 inches long and has a barred brown back, a buffy breast with black dots, salmon red coloring under the wings and tail, and a black necklace. Male Flicker has a red mustache near his bill that the female lacks. As spring approaches birds begin the process of raising families. They use repeated rhythmic pecking known as drumming to broadcast their territory and attract a mate. Louder drumming better serves its needs, so flicker often times searches out surfaces such as metal gutters, chimney tops, or wooden shingles that resound nicely. 


Northern Flickers are responsible for damaging to broom field homes. Flickers can annoy by drumming on houses and drilling holes in wood siding. They do damage to stucco, plywood, masonite, cedar, rough pine and redwood siding.

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For effective and affordable flickers removal, contact your pest control service technician at Pestica Green Pest Management Inc., for free consultation and right advice.

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What do flickers eat?
Northern Flickers eat mainly insects, especially ants and beetles that they gather from the ground. They also eat fruits and seeds, especially in winter.

What things do attract flicker to get into the premises  of your house?
Flicker gets into the premises of your house because of finding their favorite source of food. Bug infested siding of homes are prime targets, as these structures provide easy access to bugs. They continue searching for food in your siding throughout the rest of the year, even into the winter.

Do flickers fall in protected species in Alberta?
Yes, they fall under the protected species. They are protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act. These species and their nests, eggs, and young may not be destroyed.

How can we protect the siding of house from flicker related damage? 
By eliminating the bugs infestation outside your home, scaring and detering the birds and also preventing nest making, we can overcome the problems due to this beautiful bird. 


  • Technician will start by checking the exterior of your home to locate the area of bugs infestation  
  • Technician may set up and implement a program by using insects monitors, liquid sprays, dust and/or bait stations where deemed necessary
  • Technician may set up or place plastic snakes,  plastic molds of predatory birds like owls and hawks, windsocks, pinwheels, strips of aluminum or reflective tape and shiny mylar balloons to scare and deter them 
  • All treatments will be made with your safety in mind to ensure your health 

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