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Spider mite Control by Pestica Green Pest Management Inc.

A number of mites may be found in homes or other buildings. They are not insects. They are arachnids and are related to spiders. They are often very tiny, attacking both plants and animals-Mites bear four pairs of legs. In Alberta, clover mites, birds’ mites, dust mites and chiggers mites are prevalent. Mites are a broad category of pests that do a variety of damage. Some mites feed on stored grain and cheese products, while others are biting pests. Bites are small and usually not painful, producing only mild skin irritation. Frequent itching caused by mites may lead to more serious bacterial infections. On the other hand, dust mites are one of the most common allergens and can even trigger asthma attacks.  We provide mites control services fast and in timely manner in Calgary and area. Pestica Pest Control is the best, trusted and top rated Pest Control Company in Calgary near you and it offers Calgary Mites Pest Control Services for complete and ever lasting solutions as a Calgary Mites Exterminator with guarantee. 

For long lasting mites removal in the safest and most effective manner, contact your pest control service technician at Pestica Green Pest Management Inc. for free consultation and right advice.

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How do Mites get into the house?
Their entry depends on the types of mites’ species. Clover mites often exploit tiny cracks to enter homes. Dust mites are almost always found inside homes. While chiggers’ mites and bird mites attach themselves to hosts and hitchhike into homes on people and pets.   

Are Mites dangerous to animals and crops?
Yes, they are dangerous. As you know, chiggers’ mites, can transfer dangerous diseases. Parasitic mites that attack animal hosts can cause severe skin irritation known as mange. Bird mites are similarly bothersome to poultry, while spider mites are destructive to crops.

What does Pestica Green Pest Management Inc., charge to treat the Mites’ infestation?
Our starting price to control mites’ infestation is just $225 but it can be more depending upon the types of species, level of infestation and the area of structure to be treated.  


  • Technician will start by checking the exterior and interior of your home to identify the types of mites and level of their infestation 
  • Technician may use residual insecticidal spray treatment in accordance with approved instructions on the product label. Areas the technician will focus on include ground cover vegetation, areas where the lawn meets the woods, ornamental plantings, etc
  • All treatments will be made with your safety in mind to ensure your health 
  • A single control measure may not be effective against more severe infestations so each case is entirely unique.

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