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The house sparrow (Passer domesticus) or English sparrow was brought to North America about 1850 by early settlers. This bird is not a true sparrow but belongs to the family of weaver finches. lt is a distant cousin of our native sparrows. House sparrow is not protected in any province in Canada. The house sparrow is brown; chunky bird about 15 cm in length. The male has a grey brown crown surrounded by a chestnut mantle, and a distinct black patch beneath the beak and over the throat. The female lacks the throat patch and is a dull grey-brown colour with no sharply contrasting markings. Breeding is most common from April through August. 


Although sparrows can be useful when they eat weed seeds and insects, they have several annoying traits which classify them as pests. Where sparrows congregate near stored feed or poultry houses they contaminate feed with fecal droppings, feathers or nesting material and they carry insect parasites such as mites. When they roost in garages or machine sheds their fecal droppings mar the paint on cars and farm implements.

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What do sparrows eat?
The food of the adult house sparrow is primarily seeds, but it also eats leaf buds, fruits and seedlings. Nestlings are fed largely with insects.

Are any species of sparrows protected in Alberta?
There are 18 species of native sparrows which nest or migrate through Alberta and which are protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act. These species and their nests, eggs and young may not be destroyed. The house sparrow, however, in not protected in Alberta. 

How can we control infestation of sparrow in the area? Effective control begins in spring with the destruction of nest and the exclusion of sparrows from buildings. Screens or netting can be used to keep the birds from nesting sites and from high-value crops. Where only one or two birds gain entrance to a building they can be shot with an air rifle. Frightening devices can be used as a short term solution but sparrows adapt quickly and will not be repelled for long unless these frightening sights or sounds are moved frequently. Avitrol can also be used.


  • Technician will start by checking the exterior of your home to locate the area of where they are most active  
  • Technician may set up live traps according to the level of infestation with preferred bait and can also destroy their nests
  • Technician will also place some water bowls filled with water inside traps 
  • After 3 to 7 days, traps would be inspected for any trapped birds. The trapped  birds would be handled according to the regulations 
  • After trapping, technician will take measures to keep sparrows away from the structure by installing birds’ spikes, birds netting or using surface repellants & birds scare balloons as desired by owner of the property
  • All treatments will be made with your safety in mind to ensure your health 

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