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Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) were brought to the United States from Europe. In 1890 and 1891, 100 starlings were released at Central Park in New York City. From there they have spread throughout North America. In 1983 their populations was estimated at approximately 140 million birds. Adult starlings are about 74 cm in length, and are smaller in size than a robin. They have a stocky build and short stubby tail. Starlings have a triangular appearance when flying, and their flight is quick and straight. The summer plumage of adults is black with a purple-green gloss; in winter, it is heavily speckled with white. Their bills are long and sharp; yellow in the spring and summer, and dark during the winter. Their eyes are black. Young starlings are light brown and they moult to winter plumage colours in their first yearStarlings usually lay 4-6 eggs in mid-April. All birds within a colony start to lay eggs within a few days. The female does the majority of the incubation. The chicks hatch 12 days later. The young gather into small groups after leaving the nests. These groups merge until large flocks have formed. When nesting is finished, adults join the young. 


Unfortunately, they also compete with man and farm animals for desired foods. Feed and water can also be wasted through contamination with bird droppings. Starlings damage cultivated fruits such as apples, plums and saskatoons. They  also pull up sprouting grains and damage them.  

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What do starlings eat? 
Starlings eat many destructive insects. One bird can consume 26 gm of livestock or poultry rations per day. Starlings feed on cultivated fruits such as apples, plums and saskatoons. They will also pull up sprouting grains. In spring, insects and other small organisms are the main food source. The diet changes to mainly wild and cultivated fruits. Nestlings are fed mostly insects but, on leaving the nest, they eat much fruit.

How do starlings enter feeding site? 
Starlings enter a feeding site directly or perch first on nearby trees or powerlines. lf frightened while feeding, they will usually leave as a group and land on nearby trees and powerlines.

How can we control infestation of starlings in the area? 
Preventative measures can be important in starling control. Clean up spilled feed and garbage which attracts starlings. Sound producing devices such as Av-Alarm, automatic exploders, shotguns and special pistols with exploding shells or equipment to broadcast distress calls may be effective. However, unless scare tactics are conducted on a community basis, the birds do not move far. Chemical control can also be used. Avitrol is used to frighten the entire flock away from an area.


  • Technician will start by checking the exterior of your home to locate the area of where they are most active 
  • Technician may set up live traps according to the level of infestation with preferred bait
  • Technician will also place some water bowls filled with water inside traps 
  • After 3 to 7 days, traps would be inspected for any trapped birds. The trapped  birds would be handled according to the regulations 
  • After trapping, technician will take measures to keep starlings away from the structure by installing birds’ spikes or using surface repellants & birds scare balloons as desired by owner of the property
  • All treatments will be made with your safety in mind to ensure your health 

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