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Woodpecker Control in Calgary by Pestica Green Pest Management Inc.


This family of birds is protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act. They are classified as “migratory insectivorous birds”. Woodpeckers are 18 to 38 cm in length. Black and white markings are common and most males have some red on their heads. They all have stout pointed beaks and long tongues, well suited to their behaviour of drilling holes in trees. These birds cannot be killed or their eggs and nests destroyed. Some control might be achieved with frightening devices such as flaps of material hung from the branches of the damaged trees. Nesting might be discouraged by blocking the entrance to their nests before the birds arrive in the spring. The nests are usually in holes in dead heartwood of dead or living trees. The entrance holes are approximately 3 to 4 cm in diameter.


Woodpecker damages the siding of house and also encourages infestation of insects and other wildlife by providing an entry point into the structure. These same avenues allow rainwater to invade the structure, which can lead to mold growth and other damaging and hazardous conditions. Wood is not the only building material at risk of attack by woodpeckers. The birds may even pierce plumbing and electrical lines behind a house siding.

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What do woodpeckers eat?
They eat bugs from the siding of house. Typical insects that  nest in trees or house siding include carpenter bees, wasps, boxelder bugs, house borers and ladybugs and they are the food of that bird. 

What types of holes do woodpecker create in structure?
Woodpecker creates three types of holes in structure. One is foraging holes, which may appear as small, deep holes in a nearly straight horizontal or vertical line, or in long trenches of 10 cm or more in length. Second is drumming holes, appearing as many small, shallow holes in a cluster, or in wider, cone-shaped depressions along the corners or fascia and trim boards of a house. Third type is excavation (nesting or roosting) holes, appearing as deep, round holes 3 to 5cm in diameter. 

How can we control infestation of woodpecker in the area?
By eliminating the bugs’ infestation outside your home, scaring and deterring the birds and also preventing nest making, we can overcome the problems due to this interesting bird. 



  • Technician will start by checking the exterior of your home to locate the area of bugs infestation  
  • Technician may set up and implement a program by using insects monitors, liquid sprays, dust and/or bait stations where deemed necessary
  • Technician may set up or place plastic snakes,  plastic molds of predatory birds like owls and hawks, windsocks, pinwheels, strips of aluminum or reflective tape and shiny mylar balloons to scare and deter them 
  • All treatments will be made with your safety in mind to ensure your health

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